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The Corporate Corner offers resources specially designed to drive performance in your workforce.

Leadership Sound Bites

Stand Up and Lead (1 minute)
Your Internal Customer (1 minute)
Time Management Matters (1 minute)
A Supt Up Team (1 minute)

Corporate Workshops

Our most requested interactive workshops include:

Customized Supervisor Workshop (3 days)
If you’re looking for custom training to address specific development areas for supervisors, this is the option for you.
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Transitional Supervisor Training Course (2-Days)

  • Staff to Supervisor
  • Essentials for Daily Supervision
  • Managing priorities and Deadlines
  • Clear and Concise Communication Techniques
  • Addressing Behavior and Performance Issues
  • Generating Enthusiasm and Commitment
  • Essential Ingredients of Leadership
  • Personal Transition and Management

Teamwork (2 days)

  • Importance of Teamwork
  • Building an Effective Team
  • Developing High Performance Teams

Managing Conflict (3 days)

  • What causes conflict?
  • When and Where conflict occurs
  • Positive Conflict
  • Recognizing and Resolving Conflict
  • Resolving Team Conflict

Stress and Time Management (3 days)

  • How to Work Smart
  • Procrastination
  • Time Scheduling
  • Doing More With Less
  • Stress Management: Achieving Life Balance

Effective Communications (2 days)

  • Techniques for Providing Feedback
  • Communications and Increased Productivity
  • The 4C Model
  • Holding Difficult Conversations

Customer Service (2 days)

  • What is Customer Service?
  • How it affects the Bottom line
  • Customer Relationships
  • Customer Service: From the Inside Out
  • Customer Service: Internal and External

Effective Delegation (1 day)

  • How, When and Who in Delegation
  • Impact of Delegation
  • Responsibility Retention
  • Delegation vs Volunteering

Need More?

  • Need one-on-one leadership coaching?
  • Expanding your management team and need new employee training?
  • Have you lost good employees? Are you struggling to retain others?
  • Employee issues effecting your customer relations, company performance and revenue?

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