Management Practices Certificate

The NVCC Certificate in Management Practices provides a firm foundation in management, with an emphasis on practical and applicable skills and techniques. The program is designed for those starting out in management positions or those wishing to take on a more supervisory role in their career. The courses are based on the essential management functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling – as well as their relationship to one another. Below is a brief description for six of the nine required courses. Click the link below to learn more about the program or the highlighted course topic to signup.


Teamwork in Today’s Work Environment

In today’s virtual work environment, the definition of team has taken on a whole new meaning. Employees are now required to work with colleagues not only within their office, but across the globe. Face-to-face meetings are now conducted via video conferencing with co-workers regardless of their location. So, how can employees overcome some of the challenges of trying to work together whether they are located in the same office or miles apart? What are some of the barriers that prevent team members from being a cohesive group? In this class, you’ll learn seven components of a well-rounded and successful team and how those components can be used to create effective synergy among team members regardless of their location.

Student Testimonials

“Always a fun, interactive learning experience with Janet.  She has lots of energy and is an easy going but effective teacher.”

 Successful Time Management – How to Stay in Control

Are you stressed or find yourself overwhelmed by projects, performance issues and deadlines? Do feel like work keeps piling up and you can’t seem to see the forest for all the trees? Believe it or not, learning to manage your time can actually minimize stress and improve your quality of work and personal life. This course will address various suggestions for effectively managing your time and alleviating stress.

Student Testimonials

“Valuable opportunity for me to reflect on my way to manage time at work and home! Thank you very much”

“Really enjoyed taking  my first class at NOVA and will definitely look into taking some or all of the others that were mentioned for the certificate – thank you!”

The class was a nice mix of interactive and structured. I have learned practical steps that I can take to manage my time, reduce my stress and improve my work atmosphere.”

“I appreciate the personal approach to this course. It wasn’t just an instructor lecturing, it was a conversation.”

“Easy to follow and entertaining”

“Excellent content. But Janet Ford is also a very motivating instructor. I leave the class happy and want to put this into practice.”

“Life changing info”

“Helpful in understanding that scheduling time is just as important as making list of goals. One goes with the other.”

“Loved every bit of it!”

 Essential Managerial Skills for Human Resource Management

Employees are an organizations most valuable resource. Supervisors are responsible for effectively addressing various issues affecting their employees. This course will address the essential skills supervisors need to address employee performance and personnel actions.

Student Testimonials

“Great Class, learned alot. So beneficial”

“Very Knowledgeable of subject matter. Very prompt with answering questions outside of the classroom!”

“Excellent course! I’m impressed with Janet Ford’s depth of knowledge and excellent examples.”

Exercising Managerial Control

The management functions of planning and controlling are closely related. Planning “sets the ship’s course,” and controlling “keeps it on course.” The supervisor sets the goals and seeks information on whether they are being reached as planned. This interactive course focuses on the definition of managerial control and how it directly relates to planning, characteristics of effective control systems and the three types of control systems, the four steps of the control process, different types of standards, and when to use management by exception.

Student Testimonials

“Janet Ford is a top notch instructor! Thank you for giving us your time and expertise.”

What Management Is, What Managers Do

Organizations are the means by which people get things done. People can accomplish more working together than they can achieve alone, but to combine and coordinate the efforts of the members of the organization, the process of management is required. In this class, learn why management is needed in all organizations and learn the different levels of management. Learn what managers do, the definitions of the essential management functions — planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling — and the basic skills required for effective management.

Student Testimonials

“This instructor is the best of the best! I will now take all of the courses for the certificate because I’m impressed with Janet Ford. The course provided “valuable information, well organized and very current”.

“Enthusiastic and engaged teacher, great answers to questions and real life situations. I learned alot!”

“An excellent, common sense course to give a good foundation. Made me want to learn more.”

“Great course content. Dynamic Instructor with much enthusiasm.”

“Great Speaker, very engaged”

“She has much personal knowledge to share. Worth every penny. Informative and useful. Learned more than I did from my company in this class than the 2 years of managment I’ve worked.”

“This course will really help me become a better supervisor and be a better leader”


Fundamentals of Planning

To be effective, supervisors must perform the planning function – both routine and detailed – as an ongoing part of their jobs. In this course, learn the important reasons for planning; the steps involved in planning and how to create effective objectives; how planning differs at the top, middle and supervisory levels of an organization; and, differentiate the various kinds of standing and single-use plans.

Student Testimonials

“Janet Ford does a great!! Job of making this course a down to earth course. Her answers are so easy to understand”

“Engaging insstructo, kept the class involved”

“Excellent class with facilitation of discussion and encouraging new ideas”

“The class was very useful for me – I had time to think about the process of planning at work and develop plan for improvement especially developing plans for “parallel” departments.”

Business Writing Review for Professionals and E-Mail Etiquette

What is your first reaction when receiving a message with grammatical errors or incorrect use of simple words such as to, too, their or there? How many times have you sent an e-mail message and it turned out to be a typing war between you and the receiver because they just didn’t understand what you wanted? Business Writing Review for Professionals and E-Mail Etiquette is a course for everyone everywhere who uses electronic messaging to communicate in the workplace. This course will assist in understanding and utilizing the basic rules of writing and sending correctly formatted messages for more effective communication and in some cases, employment security.